Thanksgiving Day 2011

Emily with the Christmas Tree Lights

Mark, Emily, and I put up the Christmas Tree while our Turkey was in the oven.  Emily loved the Christmas lights.  She did get overwhelmed with everything that was going on that day.  I am kind of glad that it was just the three of us this year.   She slept through Thanksgiving dinner.  It wasn’t a big deal because she isn’t really feeding herself yet and I wasn’t going to put any of the food from dinner in the blender.  She’ll be 19 months old next Thanksgiving so she’ll get to have a taste of the food next year.


At Walmart for the 2200 sales on Thanksgiving

After her nap the three of us headed out for the Thanksgiving sales.  We were able to get the Fisher-Price Grand Piano for Emily.  That will be her one gift from Santa.  Its normally $44 – we were able to get it for $25.   I was also able to find something really nice for my sister.  It was well worth the 6 hour wait.



About gatesfamily3

I am a 23 year old mom of a little girl named Emily. My husband is currently attending college in Upstate NY.
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